November 2020. A month we had all been dreading. November the 11th should have been our precious girls sixth Birthday. No candles, cakes or presents this year but we still had to mark this day for a beautiful girl. We let off some responsibly sourced balloons from Angel and Dove which are entirely biodegradable. Anybody who knows Thalia will understand how important this was to us and to Thalia, as she cared so much for all living things in this world.  
We then placed some balloons across our hometown, including our beloved Chalet, 'The Castle on the Hill', St Mary's Church where we attended every Christmas Eve, The Sealife Centre and of course, Freddie. (If you look closely, you can see the ribbons kindly left by our friends at Normamby House.

After placing these balloons we enjoyed a socially distanced trip to the beach for Thalia's favourite chips and curry sauce. We were also so incredibly moved by the fact that our castle was blue this day. Definitely feel as though it was a sign from our very own princess. 


November 2020

The Launch of The Thalia-Beau Foundation

Final design sheet 27.9.20.jpg

As you all know, the 11th of November also marked the launch of The Thalia-Beau Foundation. We had hoped to mark this day with care packages being delivered to Eckersley House. However Lockdown 2.0 put a slight spanner in the works... 

Check out December for an update on the packages...

We also launched our beautiful products for sale, including bespoke 2021 calendars which are made with so much love. 

December 2020


The festive period has been hard for us as a family . However, we have been overwhelmed by all your continuous love and support. As mentioned previously, our plans to deliver care packages in November were scuppered by the lockdown. However after appealing for Santa's helpers, some very kind Elves delivered carepackes to Eckersley house and also to children staying in Leeds General Infirmary.We hope they brought a smile to those who need it the most. 

We also delivered some care packages to some Christmas treats to Children who are under the care of the Duke of Kent ward. These bags were filled with some of the traditions that Thalia enjoyed each Christmas Eve. They are truly made with love. 

Everybody knows how much Thalia loved babies. It meant so much that we could donate some knitting to premature babies, and also babies who are on the wards. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you every single person who has donated, whether that be to the page itself, or contents to the bags,  including knitting and  sweets. 

Special Thank you to Ruby and her amazing Chocolate Haul for kindly gifting us chocolate to give to children. You should be very proud of yourself! 

Also HUGE thanks to friends old and new who have transported these precious bags on our behalf. You all have a special place in our hearts.

Take a look below to see all the lovely things we have been able to do, thanks to your continued support.

 All bags were completed with a hand printed card by Thalia's younger brother, 



We started 2020 with a charity dip in the sea to raise awareness of Organ Donation. It is a subject very close to our hearts as two members of the family have been afflicted by it. 
We always had faith that Thalia would be like her big cousin, and she would get her miracle. It is beyond devastating trying to come to terms with the fact that her phonecall never came.

In order to honour Thalia, we decided to do another charity dip. We decided to do it on New Years Eve- the last day of the year that her precious feet were in those waters... There was something very symbolic about doing this on the first and last day of 2020. This time around it was very poignant as we were doing it for Thalia. 

Amazingly, thanks to your support, we raised an INCREDIBLE  £905, which will go to the TTBF and in turn will help us to help other children and famillies.

Thank you SO so much. Sending you all a very big warm hug and feel free to watch the video below, just make sure you are somewhere warm and cosy when you do!




February 2021

Everyone who knew our darling girl always said what a beautiful heart she had. She always cared for others and exuded pure love to everyone she met. 

In February 2021, in the early hours of Valentines Day, we got up at the crack of doom to launch 'The Railings of love.'
We asked for you to donate towards a heart in memory of our precious girl. So many people from across the globe dedicated a heart to a loved one. We had entries from all across the country and even the world, including Australia, America, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal and so many more! This shows that 'The Thalia Effect' is global!


Valentine's Day 

Thalia always had the most beautiful little heart, she cared immensely for other people and nature. One of her favourite days was Valentines Day. We will never forget when she asked where her proper present was, after receiving roses and a balloon. Little did she know, she was the best present we could ever wish for, our treasure, our love, our gift. 

On Valentines day 2021, our hearts were broken. We of course wanted to be near our darling girl, so we laid roses with her and made sure she had her balloon present. Rudy helped to lay a rose for his big sister. We just know she would love some of the things we did in her name on Valentines Day. 

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